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Welcome to math^2

Math^2 is an online, at-your-fingertips resource for students of all ages and math levels. The goal of the website is to simplify math, to break it down into its smallest parts and help our patrons "get it". We have examples and sample problems for practice, as well as in-depth articles aiming to teach.

If you want to know about the math^2 team, imagine this: rogue space cowboys on the outskirts of town, stopping algebra ninja attacks and striking down trig assassins at every turn. Well almost. Maybe you're not looking to be the next Newton, but you do want to pass class and get your teacher off your back. This is the place for you.

How to Use math^2

Check out the sidebar to the right. There are major categories and classifications that probably match the name of the class you're taking. Inside each category, we have started from the beginning (even back-referencing previous sections where needed) and worked through each subject, building the knowledge and providing examples and sample problems to work with.

Note About Missing Pages

If you click a link to a page with a question mark beside it, the website will ask you for a username and password. This isn't because the page is secure, it's because the page hasn't been created. The site is asking for your information so you can contribute. If you are interested in contributing, see below.

Contributing to math^2

If you would like to become a rogue space cowboy, annihilator of confusing compound equations, then click the Contact Link on the sidebar. Thanks!

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